Oral (Invited) speakers

(Abstracts of the oral presentations (PDF version) can be downloaded here.)

  • Leonard M. Sander (University of Michigan, USA)*
    “Computing impossible things: the harmonic measure of fractals”
  • Shigeru Kondo (Osaka University, Japan)*
    “Periodic pattern formation in the skin of animals”
  • Hajime Tanaka (University of Tokyo, Japan)*
    “Pattern Evolution – From Phase Separation to Mechanical Fracture”
  • Lydéric Bocquet (Université Lyon-I, France)*
    “Playing with osmotic forces: from mixing to self-propelled swimmers”
  • Chi K. Chan (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Republic of China)*
    “Synchronization and Control of Cardiac Systems”
  • Shoichi Kai (Kyushu University, Japan)*
    “Pattern Formation in Electro-convection in Liquid Crystals”
  • Kei Kurita (University of Tokyo, Japan)*
    “Torahiko’s omnivorous courage and high susceptibility to nature
    – what modern seismology has lost during its growth -“
  • Hans J. Herrmann (ETH, Switzerland)*
    “Fracturing Ranked Surfaces”
  • Hiraku Nishimori (Hiroshima University, Japan)
    “Quantitative Analysis of Behaviour of Foraging Ants:Decision-making under Conflicting Information”
  • Tamás Vicsek (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)*
    “Network dynamics in collective motion”
  • Mitsugu Matsushita (Chuo University, Japan)
    “Statistical Features of Complex Systems -Toward establishing sociological physics-”